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Tutoring Tip of the Week: Always seek the challenge of going faster, never settle for just knowing


Private Sessions

Sometimes you just need all the attention...

Private sessions are ideal for students who need that extra bit of help. Affordable and thorough our sessions help to create success stories.


Group Sessions

It's just more fun with friends...

Group sessions are designed to keep costs low. Get the same great serivce at lower prices. Can't beat that!!!

Remeber: groups of 4 or more get a $15 price break per person per hour.


2013-calendar.pngAvailability Calendars

Know exactly when you can get the help you need...

Need to know when there is a slot available? Look at the calendar and determine what time is best for you as well as which tutor you want.


Skype Tutoring

Why leave home to learn?

Not everyone has the same schedule. Imagine not leaving your house for a tutoring appointment. Now you can get tutored through Skype and learn the material from the comfort of your own home.


Simple Response Service

For those annoying questions you need an answer to...

Need an answer to a specific problem? We understand and hear you. Send it in and you will receive a response within 12 hours of submission. Multiple questions may require more time.

Personalized Tutoring Videos


Not all students need to review a whole section when studying for class. At Learning First we know that sometimes you don't need a whole section just a problem type. We are in progress of creating a video library of types of problems so students can study the material that is relevant to them while saving time.

Formula Sheets by Course


In math and science the right formula will make the difference between getting a question completely right and getting partial credit. This section has a small (and still growing) compilation of formulas sorted by course that will help you tackle some of the toughest questions.

Learning First Break Room

Learning_First_Break_Room.jpgStudying for long periods of time can be hard work. It is for that reason that the we created the Learning First Break Room. Here you will find some games and a little math humor that will help you take a small break from all the studying.


We are always happy to help you learn!


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