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Tutoring Tip of the Week: Always seek the challenge of going faster, never settle for just knowing

About the Tutors

Learning First is made up of 2 amazing tutors. Their very different yet effective teaching styles can help any student learn.


Dronix Suarez E.I.

A civil engineer and former U.S. Marine, Dronix specializes in what he calls "Triage Tutoring". He defines this as the ability of conveying large amounts of learning materials in seemingly impossible time frames. He is clear, concise and cares deeply for his students. Students describe Dronix as tough but thorough. Most sudents that go through Dronix as a tutor feel prepared to higher degrees than they are tested.

Baby_with_a_Cap.JPGIlyssa Suarez

Her mechanical engineering background has helped Ilyssa master the art of problem solving. Always noticing little things, she is able to help students get past some bad habits they are unaware of. Students describe her as thorough and patient. Most students that have Ilyssa as a tutor perform consistently well in exams and tests.

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