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Tutoring Tip of the Week: Always seek the challenge of going faster, never settle for just knowing

Private & Group Sessions

Semesters are short and teachers can't always slow down. Sometimes students can't listen and write notes at the same time. Learning First understands theese needs and knows how to deal with them. Our skilled tutors will help you in with the coursework as well as test taking techniques.


Schedule a Private or Group Session

 You can schedule a private session by doing one of the following:

  • Call Dronix Suarez at (954) 937 1173
  • Send an email to dronix.suarez@learningfirsttutoring.com
  • Filling out a Contact Form and pre-paying through PayPal.
  • Check the Availability Calendar to see if any open times match your needs.
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Private Sessions

(1 Student)

2 Student Sessions

(Prices are per student)

Group Sessions

(3 students or more)

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