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Scientific Calculators

The following are a few scientific calculators that we recommend. These have been tested by students and by the tutors and have special features that make them a necessity for students who want to perform in the classroom. They are usually used in the alebra series, trigonometry, pre-calculus, and calculus I.

1019272593.jpgTI-36X Pro

This calculator is our top recommendation, it displays your previous calculation and allows for the user to re enter  and edit the last calculation performed. It also performs complex calculations like solving quadratic equations as well as cubic equations. It can also do differentiation as well as integration (calculus). This calculator can be bought at any Wallmart, Office Depot, Office Max, etc... for about $20.




CIOFX115ES__35028_zoom.jpgCasio FX115ES

An alternative to the above calculator, this calculator can do the same operations as the TI-36X Pro. Its functions range from being able to do unit conversions, to solving quadratic equations, to integrals and differentiation (calculus). This calculator can also be found at Wallmart, Office Depot, Office Max, etc... for about $20.





For those students who have very strict professors, this calculator is the logical choice. It shows the last calculation done and allows the user to re enter and edit it. It carries all the basic features needed in a scientific calculator. This calculator can be found found at Wallmart, Office Depot, Office Max, etc... for about $15.




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