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Simple Response Service:

The simple response option is a way of getting help on specific problems. This is ideal for students who are familiar with the concepts which they are working with but have that one question that keeps coming out wrong. Simple response works as an aid to help students to develop a deeper understanding through a detailed explanation of the problem in question. Problems normally receive answers within 12 hours of the time payment is made! Test it out and see how it works!

Remember, multiple submissions may require more time.

How to use Simple Response:

  • Scan or take a picture of the problem you need help with.
  • Submit your picture or scan to simpleresponse@learningfirsttutoring.com.
  • Submit payment through PayPal for the type and amount of questions desired.
  • If a response to a single question takes longer than 12 hours please be sure to call Dronix Suarez at 954 937 1173.
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