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Skype sessions are almost the same as student sessions. They do require a relatively steady Internet connection to prevent any drops or breaks while in the middle of any topic. The sessions are significantly more convenient for people who do not wish to drive to our location or who are out of town. Though a bit more expensive than in-person tutoring sessions, these are completely worth it since you would be tutoring from the comfort of your own home. Same high quality service, less stress from traveling.

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How to get Skype:

  • Click here and complete the online registration with Skype for a free account.
  • Add dronix.suarez to your contacts.
  • Send us a contact form telling us your information so we can add you as a contact.
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 Skype sessions are ideal for:

  • Out of state students.
  • People who dont like to drive.
  • Professionals who travel.

Schedule a Skype Session


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