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Tutoring Tip of the Week: Always seek the challenge of going faster, never settle for just knowing

Student Feedback

2013040795180029.jpgDronix helped me a lot, he was like an angel. Im my opinion he is agrat professor who will teach you everything clearly. I worked with him very hard. I had a D on my calculus clas; i couldn't even ass a test and with his help i passed all the tests and the class with a B. He knows the material very well and you can text him at any time without problem. He is also a very considerate person that knows how to make good use of the tutoring hour, he never let me go if i didnt know the material for a test. I extremely recommend him, he is amazing and will make great changes in your grade.
-Valeria Carpico-    -Business Calculus-    -Spring 2013-

headshot-picture[6].jpgI started going to Dronix about a month into my college algebra class which I was failing and by the end of my course I  turned my F to an A. Dronix really explained the material to me sometimes even better than my professor. He was really patient with me and helped me out a lot, answering my texts fairly quickly  and my phone calls as well in case I needed any additional help. He likes it better when you come to him early because he's able to help you out more than if you come in late but if you're struggling get the help. Don't be fooled though he can be a hard ass at times but it's coming from a good place.
-Stephanie Guas-    -Broward College-    -College Algebra-    -Spring 2013-


Dec_2012_iphone_051.JPGI have struggled with understanding even basic math concepts for most of my life.  It was an emotional as well as a mental struggle; math always took me longer to understand than most.  With help from Alyssa and Dronix, I was
not only able to understand what I was studying, but I also learned to enjoy it.  They offered help and support whenever I needed it through a variety of ways: text message, skype, phone calls, etc.  They worked around my very hectic work, school and personal schedule.  They offer individualized attention as well as group rates.They were patient and kind and were able to break down information in such a way that I was able to understand it.  They taught me more than just basic mathematical concepts: they taught me to have the self-confidence I always lacked when approaching a subject I felt I was always weakest in.  They are superb mentors and I recommend them to even the most insecure learners.  I look forward to working with them in my future classes.

-S. Petersen-    -Broward College-    -College Algebra-    -Summer 2013-


582676_510804248933631_817237743_n.jpgI thought the tutoring was extremely helpful for both my math SAT scores and my Calculus AP Exam. I improved 90 points on my SAT math score and am currently waiting to get back my Calculus AP Exam score. The tutoring helped me to understand what part of the problems I was getting wrong and how could be able to fix the problems. My experience was beneficial, and I am happy with my improvement in my SAT scores.

-Scott Sharp-    -Archbishop McCarthy-    -S.A.T.- Prep-    -Summer 2013-

Learning First Tutoring has helped advanced my mathematical skills. They can be stern, but fun too. They relate everyday problems to different equations so I can understand it better. Their facility is a peaceful environment and I hope to see them again soon.  :)

-Nick Medrano-    -Archbishop McCarthy-    -S.A.T.- Prep-    -Summer 2013-

All I can say is you get what you pay for! There is no way I could have made it though the semester without the help from Dronix.  He really wants all of his students to learn and is very fair.  I could call him or text him at any time and ask questions about my homework or a problem I was working on.  I worked with Dronix though the whole semester of College Algebra, this was the first math class I had taken in  years and the lowest grade I got in my class was a 78.  I received an A on my final and an A in the class.  This semester I have registered for Bus. Calc and will be working with him again.  Don't wait for the last minute, the sooner you come in the more you will learn and the better he will be able to help you, (he is more likely to bend over backwards and help out those who REALLY want to learn and those that come to him first.) Good Luck!
-Robin Easley-    -Broward College-   -College Algebra-   -Fall 2012-

image.jpegThe tutor sessions that I received from Dronix were very helpful. I began going to his sessions because of my girlfriend who urged me to go because the material was beginning to get a little more challenging. What I learned is that it’s not only the tutoring that you need but it’s also your own individual practice. In his sessions I learned the importance of note taking and how taking good notes can contribute to you understanding the material. Although he can be a little tough sometimes, it’s all because he loves and cares. With the help of Dronix I got a 90% on my College Algebra exam and finished with an A in the class.

-Martin Robertson-    -Florida International University-   -College Algebra-   -Fall 2012-


IMG_9402.jpgThese tutoring sessions were very productive and helped me pass college algebra. After the first test, I knew I was going to need some help and our first session we got through a lot of material, throughout the sessions I learned what methods of teaching suited me and I progressed every session. The key thing I learned from the sessions is to take good notes and study as much as possible. In these sessions I truly gained an understanding of the material so when the tests came I was ready. Dronix was always there when I had any questions even if I was not at tutoring he would allow me to text him with questions which was great. Through many sessions I came out of the class with a B when in the beginning I was failing. I will definitely be going back for my next math classes.

-Olivia Mendez-    -Florida International University-   -College Algebra-   -Fall 2012-


headshot-picture[6].jpg I found this tutor on Craigslist when in need of help with College Level Algebra. Dronix not only met, but exceeded my expectations. I went from getting an F in my first test to getting a B. Just three weeks with this Tutor and there was a drastic improvement in my understanding of the material. He is able to break down the information in a way that is super easy to understand and make it interesting. I was never good at math, but now I feel like a pro. Thanks Dronix.


 -Johnathan Figueroa-    -Miami Dade College-   -College Algebra-   -Fall 2012-


I came to385076_10151036733305045_50114948_n.jpeg Dronix after my first test in business calculus. After the first session, I felt a lot better in the classes, answered questions when the professor asked them. My grades improved immediately. Dronix knew what he was talking about and presented the material in a way that was easier to understand. He broke it down and gave you much easier nemonic devices to remember the concepts better on the test than what the book or professor gave. He gave me one-on-one advice based on how I take tests or how I react to problems that really helped me out during tests. The sessions were interactive, not just a "watch me do this problem" kind. Dronix went through every step and explained why it happened a certain way. But he would make you do the work because it's the only way to learn. He offered to answer any questions over text or phone we had about the material when we were stuck or didn't understand what to do next in the problem. Overall, my experience with Dronix was positive and worth the time and money invested.

-Natalie Millan-    -Florida International University-   -Business Calculus-   -Summer B 2012-


headshot-picture[6].jpgHi my name is Stephany Rivera. I attended the tutoring sessions for calculus with Dronix for a month. He is a great tutor; I had attended the free tutoring sessions on campus but none of the tutors helped they either  explained like if you understood the concepts or didn't really try to show where the problem was coming from. Dronix really took the time for us to understand each problem. Before actually solving the problem he would show us what equation had to be used and why. Math is not easy and remembering concepts isn't easy either but with the right tutor like Dronix you will understand what your professor lacked in teaching. I really recommend Dronix as a math tutor.

-Stephany Rivera-    -Florida International University-   -Business Calculus-   -Summer A 2012-


photo.jpg I only have great things to say about these tutoring sessions I took with Dronix, my tutor. I started them probably 2-3 weeks into the course and I wish I would've found out sooner. I'm not great at math so these sessions helped out a lot. I liked the way that my first session was more of trying to get the fear out of me and not to hesitate to say "I don't know". Going into the course I thought it was impossible to pass a 6 week math course but taking these tutoring sessions I couldn't have done better.

The sessions went by really quick but super informative. He has techniques and reasons behind them such as not writing while hes talking because you won't retain anything he was saying, writing notes to yourself about every problem we attempted. He went above and beyond to help our group and myself out. I also liked that not only did he talk about the material that we were learning but helped me out with the mental side of it too; getting rid of the nerves and the negative mentality of not passing the tests or class. I recommend these tutors to anyone, you will not regret it!!

-Mariela Castillo-    -Florida International University-   -Business Calculus-   -Summer A 2012-


IMG_0243.JPG Before I took these tutoring sessions with Dronix I didnt trust a lot on tutors. This guy knows how to teach for real, he always comes up with some weird method to make everything stick in your mind and stay there. I and a couple of students were struggling with this class (Business Calculus) and all of us passed with good grades in my particular case with an A. If you think math is hard or that you can not deal with it call Dronix and he will change your perception on this subject forever.


-Esmildo Avalos-    -Florida International University-   -Business Calculus-   -Summer A 2012-


18436_273972428155_777903155_4332781_5792028_n.jpg The tutoring from Learning First Tutoring was a great help. I was skeptic at first because of bad experience with tutoring. I had to retake business calculus for a third time and was willing to do anything to pass the class. I decided to go to learning first tutoring with Dronix and it was the best decision I made for that class. He really breaks down material and gives you little hints on how to remember the rules of calculus. The recommended time for tutoring is in two hour sessions. when you are there it doesn't feel like a two hour session time goes by quick and you learn the material. I highly recommend Learning First tutoring with dronix.

 -Dennis Smith-    -Florida International University-   -Business Calculus-   -Summer A 2012-

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